Instant Savings

Instant saving gives you the opportunity to save or donate to a charitable organization with several options, such as deducting a fixed amount, rounding the amount, or a specific percentage of the purchase amount paid by an Alinma mada card through POS or local Internet purchases. The deducted amount will be automatically and permanently transferred to your savings account or to the account of the charitable association available within the lists of charities approved by Alinma Bank.


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Service Features:
  • Motivating customers to save and plan financially in line with the Kingdom's vision 2030.
  • Providing customers with innovative savings tools that keep pace with their needs and goals.
  • Possibility of subscribing and canceling the service through electronic channels.
  • Establishing a daily upper limit for savings amounts and a minimum account balance for this service through Alinma electronic channels.
  • FREE service.


How to Open a Saving Account:
  1. Select Accounts
  2. Then Open New Sub Account
  3. Enter short name
  4. Enter the Account purpose (Saving)
  5. Review the Terms & Conditions and Confirm


How to set an Instant Saving :
  1. Login to Alinma internet or Alinma App and select “Accounts”.
  2. Choose Instant Saving Request.
  3. Read the service description.
  4. Select the card that you want to save from.
  5. Choose one of the saving destination type (Saving Account* or Charity).
  6. Then choose the saving type (Round up/ Fixed amount/ Percentage).
  7. Select the instant saving limit.
  8. Review the details then press confirm.


* Saving account is required to use this service.