Alinma Store

Now, you can easily purchase a variety of prepaid digital vouchers through the Alinma App, from a wide range of authorized merchants and service providers.


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Features that meet your needs

  • Multiple option for more than 50 brands (telecom companies, retail stores, electronic games).
  • No additional fees.
  • Secure payment solutions.


Steps for entering Alinma Store
  1. Log in to the Alinma App and click on "Market" icon.
  2. Select the product and voucher type.
  3. Complete the payment by adding the OTB sent through the SMS



  • How can I buy e-vouchers through the bank’s channels?

You can buy vouchers through Alinma App.

  • Will I receive a notification with the e-voucher number?

you will receive a notification with the e-voucher number through Alinma App, SMS and e-mail.

  • Is the voucher reusable?

e-vouchers are not reusable. You can only use each voucher once.

  • How do I claim the e-voucher if there is an error?

If you have purchased an e-voucher and you have not received the voucher number, or if you have received the voucher number but the voucher is not working, you can contact the service provider directly.

  • Is it possible to exchange or return the coupon in the event of a purchase?

Due to the nature of the product, e-vouchers cannot be exchanged or returned unless proven defective.