Alinma Internet

The Alinma Internet online banking service simplifies your financial life and provides access to comprehensive transactions and services at your convenience. Fast, secure, and easy to manage, Alinma Internet is your preferred online banking solution.


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Key Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Wide selection of services that make branch visits unnecessary
  • Ability to track requests and transactions
  • Specially enabled services for the blind and sight-impaired
  • Secure and confidential
  • Account opening, mada card issuance, and subscription to internet services
  • Account balance, credit card balance and rate inquiries
  • Currency exchange
  • Account and credit card statements and transaction details
  • Ability to print, save, and export account statements in various formats (Web Connect, PDF, Excel, and Microsoft Money)
  • Internal, local, international, and charity transfers
  • Standing orders
  • Bill payments and Ministry of Interior payments
  • Personal financing requests
  • Credit card payments
  • Ability to change card statuses, including card suspension, for credit cards and Alinma mada cards
  • Sub-account opening for current and savings accounts and Alinma mada card requests
  • Personal financing status and details
  • Ability to update personal data and national address
  • Submission of suggestions and complaints
  • Issuance and printing of digital bank certificates
  • Alinma Family Account opening and management
  • Instant Savings program requests
  • Traveler Card (multi-currency) request and issuance
  • Appointment scheduling service (branches)
  • Emergency cash requests (cardless withdrawals)
  • Namaa program
  • Equity financing online
  • Instant Payment Service (SARIE)



  • Opening an account with Alinma Bank through our website: or through the Alinma smart device application.
  • Obtaining an Alinma mada card


How to Register for Alinma Internet

  1. Visit the Alinma website:
  2. Choose the Alinma Internet icon from the main page.
  3. Click on the new user icon.
  4. Enter your Alinma mada card number and its password.
  5. Follow the subsequent instructions to complete your registration.


You can also register for the Alinma Internet service during the account opening process.