Alinma Platinum

Alinma Platinum

Alinma’s Platinum Banking, is designed specifically for our privileged customers to provide them with a new concept of innovative banking services that suits their aspirations to carry out their banking transactions.


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  • Dedicated lounges to serve you
  • 50% discount on banking transaction fees.
  • Better currency exchange rates (buy/sell).
  • Exclusive discounts on Alinma investment products
  • Financing solutions that support your investment strategies.
  • mada Platinum card.
  • Access to VIP lounges at most airports worldwide for credit card holders.
  • Akthr loyalty program.
  • Safe deposit boxes with competitive fees

  • Open a new current account and deposit SAR 250,000, OR open a savings account with 1 million riyals, OR subscribe to the Nama product for 2 million riyals.
  • Maintain an average minimum balance of SAR 100,000 in the current account, OR 1 million riyals in the savings account, OR 2 million riyals in the Nama product for the last three months.
  • Transferring a minimum salary of SAR 15,000.


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