Instant Payment Service (Sarie)

As part Alinma’s effort to ensure that you, our valued costumer, have access to the best and latest banking services, Alinma Bank is pleased to provide the Instant Payment Service (Sarie) in cooperation with the Saudi Central Bank and the Saudi Payments Company. This service facilitates and accelerates financial transfers between banks inside the kingdom, with instant, around-the-clock execution using beneficiary IBANs as well as other unique beneficiary identifiers such as  mobile numbers, email addresses, and national ID or Iqama numbers.


Service Advantages:

  • Instant transfer execution between banks in the kingdom
  • Low transfer fees
  • 24/7 availability
  • Available through Alinma’s self-service channels
  • Ability to execute transfers using alternaive beneficiary identifiers (for amounts less than SAR 2500) without the need to add and activate beneficiaries


Steps via Alinma Internet:

  1. Choose “Make a Transfer”
  2. Choose “Transfer Type (Local Bank)”
  3. Enter the transfer amount
  4. Choose “Quick Transfer”


Steps via Alinma App:

  1. Choose “Transfer”
  2. Choose “Local Bank”
  3. Enter the transfer amount
  4. Choose “Quick Local Transfer”


Terms & Conditions:

  • An active current account with Alinma Bank is required to use the service.
  • Registration requires agreeing to share some personal data with the Saudi Payments Company (SARIE).
  • To receive transfers up to SAR 2500, a one-time personal identifier set up is required.