Installments for international purchases

Travel comfortably, and use the  Alinma credit card or Alinma Alfursan credit card  and install your international transactions through POS or international purchases,  with 0% profit  margin for a period of three months with a minimum of 5%, and the remainder of the transaction is paid in the fourth month.


An example of installment plan for 3 months with annual rate of 0% for purchases of 3,000 riyals when using the Alinma credit card  or Alinma Alfursan credit  card.


Purchase  3,000 SAR

1st month payment

2nd month payment

3rd month payment

4th month payment

5% Minimum due at 0% percentage rate

150 SAR

150 SAR

150 SAR


Remaining amount

2,850 SAR

2,700 SAR

2,550 SAR

the total Remaining amount of 2,550 SAR

Annual Percentage Rate – Monthly - Based on card type  




Based on card type  


Terms & condition:

  • The service is applied to Alinma credit cards or Alinma Alfursan credit card
  • Customers can use the available credit limit to get an installment plan
  • Minimum installments of 1,000 SAR, On international transactions for points of sale or online purchases.
  • Installment cap amount is the credit limit
  • The installment period cannot be changed to choose another period after completing the plan selection
  • Transaction should be settled
  • The transaction should be qualified and not paid
  • Alinma Bank has the right to amend or change the offer terms and conditions
  • Offer valid till November 30, 2023


 Easy installment mechanism:

Make the request through calling call center 920028000