Reporting a Violation


Alinma Bank is committed to ethics, integrity, and transparency. We want to create a safe and secure atmosphere where employees, partners, customers, and stakeholders can report information in good faith without fear of retaliation. This includes matters related to corruption, misconduct, and violations of legal and regulatory requirements.


To support this commitment, we have established a robust Whistleblowing Policy. This policy ensures confidentiality, protection, and fairness throughout the reporting process. We handle all reports promptly and thoroughly while maintaining the privacy of whistleblowers to the fullest extent permitted by law.


If you have any knowledge or evidence of suspected or actual corruption within Alinma Bank, please feel free to report via one of the below-mentioned Whistleblowing Channels:


  • Direct whistleblowing hotline: 011 218 5311.
  • The  “Report Violation form” shown below
  • E-mail:
  • Postal address:  Mailing Address: Riyadh – Olaya 12244 – Alakaria complexes – 4th-floor office number 426 – Compliance & Anti-Financial crimes (Whistleblowing Officer)


*Please note all calls to the hotline will be recorded.


We would also like to emphasize the following:

  • This page is intended only for reporting allegations of wrongdoing. If you wish to submit a complaint about products or services, please visit the Register a Complaint page.
  • All reports of allegations of wrongdoing are held in the strictest confidence and are viewed only by authorized bank personnel.
  • A whistleblower must be credible, must act in good faith, and should avoid any unproven rumors or allegations.

Report a Violation