Alinma Bank Receives 2019 GIFA Market Leadership Award for Islamic Banking

At the recently concluded Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) in Cape Town, South Africa, Alinma Bank received the 2019 GIFA Market Leadership Award for Islamic Banking, in recognition of its forward-thinking approach to Shariah-compliant banking and for its consistent, noteworthy performance in the Saudi market.


Speaking about the award, Alinma Bank CEO, Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, expressed his appreciation to the organizers and noted that it remains the goal the bank maintain an innovative edge in the market and to continuously develop and enhance its products and services so as to appropriately address partner (customer) needs and aspirations. In this regard, he pointed to the bank’s Alinma Shariah Publications smart device application, which is a comprehensive collection of the banks’ Shairah rulings since its inception, which is intended to be shared for the benefit of researchers, banks, and other financial institutions both inside and outside the kingdom.


Alinma Bank has consistently been recognized for the excellence it brings to the Saudi market, and recently received the “Best Retail & Corporate Banking Services'' award from the World Union of Arab Banks, as well as the “Best Digital Service” award at the Arab Digital Banking Excellence Awards. Alinma was additionally recognized by Finnovex with its award for “Excellence in Islamic Banking.”


The Global Islamic Finance Awards promote excellence in Islamic banking and finance worldwide across a range of sectors and functions, and likewise recognizes the contributions of prominent personalities to the industry.