Alinma Graduates First Group of Al-Qawi Al-Amin Trainees

Alinma Bank recently celebrated the graduation of its inaugural Al-Qawi Al-Amin class of recent university graduates.  A total of 13 individuals completed the 8-month program, which was conceived and designed as part of the bank’s commitment to employee development and growth as well as its commitment to rendering exemplary service to its partners (customers).

At a special ceremony held on December 7, 2016 at Alinma’s head office in Riyadh, hosted by Dr. Sulaiman Alhudaif, General Manager of Human Capital at the bank, program graduates were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments. Speaking at the event, Alhudaif praised program participants.

“Alinma Bank strives to deliver exemplary service to our partners,” said Alhudaif.  “And though we have succeeded in doing so, we can never simply rest on our laurels.  Programs such as Al-Qawi Al-Amin become essential, then, in ensuring continual enhancement of service delivery and adoption of Alinma’s service standards among staff.”

Also in attendance was Alinma Bank CEO, Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, who likewise praised the participants and delivered a message of encouragement to them.

“You are the first group to complete the Al-Qawi Al-Amin program, and we had high expectations of you,” said Al-Fares, speaking to the graduates.  “I am pleased to say that you all met and even exceeded those expectations; and we look forward to the positive impact I know you will have on the bank.”

Al-Qawi Al-Amin functions as both a talent identification and training program.  Alinma Bank Human Capital staff recruit promising recent Saudi graduates from both local and international universities and then rotate them through key functions and departments in the bank.  Over the course of eight months, participants are given both theoretical and practical training directly related to important banking disciplines.  Alinma then evaluates performance and extends full-time employment to those who successfully complete the program.

Alinma has an ongoing commitment to the training and development of talented Saudis; and it considers this commitment the most important investment it can make. Since its launch, the bank has offered 758 training courses, with a total of 54,556 training days and 11,907 participants. 975 of the training days were dedicated to conceptual learning, while 1170 days focused on practical training.