International Cash Back Offer from Alinma Bank

As part of its ongoing commitment to provide unique, innovative offers to its partners (customers), Alinma Bank has launched a limited-time cash back offer. Through the offer, partners can receive 1% cash back on international or online purchases they make with their Alinma debit or credit cards from September 10, 2015 to October 10, 2015. To be eligible, total purchases on any given card much reach a minimum of SAR 3000; and the maximum total cash back any one partner can receive is SAR 500 per card.

There are no preconditions for eligibility such as registration; and all international purchases qualify for the offer.

In addition to the current offer, Alinma Bank also continues to extend, to its partners, exclusive card-related offers such as its instant discount program for card purchases made at select hotels and retailers across the kingdom.


Alinma has also pioneered online card purchasing functionality for its partners, giving them peace of mind through the bank’s CVV2 payment system.  With CVV2, partners are afforded an extra layer of security by being able to activate and deactivate the internet purchasing function on their cards as they see fit. This can be done around-the-clock via the bank’s e-services: Alinma Internet (, Alinma Phone (8001208000) and Alinma’s smartphone application.


Alinma Bank offers instant issuance of smart-chip debit and credit cards at all bank branches across the kingdom. For more information about Alinma’s special offers, products and services, please visit the bank's website ( or call 8001208000.