Alinma Bank Extends Services to Rouya Club for Visual Impairment

Members of the Rouya Club for Visual Impairment, which seeks to develop skills and talents of the visually impaired and integrate them into society, recently visited Alinma Bank in the Eastern region and were welcomed by the bank's employees who provided them with a full explanation of the services and products provided by the bank.

In the past year, Alinma Bank has launched groundbreaking services for blind and visually impaired partners (customers) for the first time in the Kingdom, giving such individuals extensive access to the bank’s website (, ATMs located at branches and Alinma Mobile/WAP services. All of this has been aimed at ensuring that blind and visually impaired partners have the same access and experience the same service excellence as the sighted.

The Rouya Club has lauded Alinma’s efforts, and members visiting the bank noted that Alinmahas been unique in taking into account the needs of blind partners when designing its various services and electronic channels to ensureprivacy and independence for blind partners while executing their banking transactions.

Club memberssubsequentlyopened accounts with the bank.

It is worth mentioning that screens atAlinma ATMs located at branchesdim toa black color when used by blind persons in order to protect their information and privacy. The ATMs utilize voice commands, which are heardby blind partnersthroughan earphone connection. Alinma Bank has outclassed its competition in the Gulf region in the provisionof services for the blind.