Alinma Bank Launches Its Alinma Internet Online Banking Service

Alinma Bank announced today the launch of Alinma Internet, which provides the bank’s partners (clients) with 24/7 access to online banking services. The site can be reached by visiting

The announcement was made by Alinma Bank CEO, Mr. Abdulmohsen Al Fares, who highlighted the site’s advanced technology and promised convenience and security for partners. Al Fares noted that the site adheres to the latest international standards for content management and provides seamless integration with the bank’s internal systems. Such integration, said Al Fares, allows partners to easily and efficiently open new accounts and apply for the bank’s various product and service offerings. In the case of account opening, Al Fares said that after completing the online application process, partners could then simply visit their local branch to provide their signature and to receive their banking cards. He additionally noted that Alinma Internet also serves as an important information portal and includes value-added tools such as a real-time stock ticker.

Al Fares went on explain Alinma’s dedication to providing a quality online experience for its partners, emphasizing that Alinma Internet stands as one of the most important technologies in the eyes of partners with reference to execution of banking operations. He further noted that Alinma Internet represents an important means of communication between the bank and its partners and that both Arabic and English versions of the site exist.

With regard to the design of the site, Al Fares said that Alinma Internet is purpose-built in terms of style, color, content and breadth of product and service offerings. He said that, as such, partners can safely, securely and accurately carry out complete banking operations from the convenience of their home, office or other location without the need to visit a branch. He did note, however, that self-service banking options are also available at branches.

It is worth noting that Alinma Internet provides Alinma partners with a wealth of information including locations of branch offices and ATMs throughout the Kingdom. It also functions as an employment link through which interested individuals can apply for jobs with Alinma Bank. It is important to note that there are no employment offices or other bodies authorized by the bank to receive employment requests. Alinma Internet is, therefore, the only way for interested individuals to seek employment with the bank.

In addition to Alinma Internet, the bank provides other self-services channels through which partners can address their banking needs. One such channel is Alinma Phone, which can be accessed 24/7 by calling, toll-free, 8001208000. Alternatively, partners can visit any of Alinma’s ATMs, which can be found in prime locations, selected for ease of access, throughout the Kingdom