Alinma Bank Defers Financing Installments for Health Sector Workers

Alinma Bank recognizes the tremendous efforts and sacrifices of health sector workers in the kingdom, as they continue to address the COVID-19 crisis in Saudi Arabia.  In a show of appreciation, Alinma Bank has announced that it will defer financing installments for health sector workers for a period of three months, while they focus on the task at hand.  The period of deferment will commence at the beginning of April 2020.

Speaking about the decision, Alinma Bank CEO, H.E. Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, said that the bank was committed to society at-large, and that in addition to the deferent for health sector workers, the bank had also approved deferments on financing installments for SMEs for a period of six months.

Al-Fares went on to note that in these extraordinary times, and as explained by the government and Ministry of Health in particular, cooperation, responsible behavior and steadfastness would be critical in facing this new threat, and that Alinma Bank would spare no effort to ensure that the financial lives of citizens and residents will carry on as normally and seamlessly as possible.   He additionally reemphasized the importance of following government guidelines related to health and safety.

In response to the ongoing crisis, Alinma Bank has taken numerous steps to ensure the safety of employees and partners (customers), as well as to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of banking services.  Towards this end, Alinma has switched to remote working protocols for staff, reducing staff at branches, regional offices and the bank’s head office, to a minimum.  Bank offices, branches, and other buildings have been outfitted with hand sanitizer stations, while security staff monitor body temperatures of those entering Alinma premises. Sterilization of office, branches and ATMs is ongoing.  

The bank prays that resolution to this crisis will be forthcoming, and in the meantime remains as committed as ever to its partners.  May God protect us all and deliver us from this crisis.