Alinma Bank Calls for Board Nominations for Upcoming Board of Directors Term

Alinma Bank is pleased to announce to its shareholders the opening of nominations for membership on the Alinma Bank Board of Directors for the new board term that will begin on May 31, 2013 and will extend through May 20, 2016.

Shareholders holding a minimum of SAR 100,000 in bank shares who wish to nominate themselvesare kindly requested to submit their applications in accordance with relevant regulations issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) and the Capital Market Authority (CMA). Nominees should also note the following:

1. Required application materials include:

a. SAMA’s personal information form

b. SAMA’s Acknowledgement and Undertaking form, which is to be signed by the candidate with signature verification

c. CMA’s Disclosure Form

d. The candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV)

e. A photocopy of the candidate’s national ID

f. Photocopies of the candidate’s educational diplomas and certificates

(NOTE: Forms canbe downloaded from the bank's website (, or can beobtained from the bank's head office, which is located in the Al-Anoud Tower in the Olaya district of Riyadh on King Fahad Road.)

2. If the candidate has previously served or is still serving as a board member of any joint stock company, he mustprovide the names of these companies along with the dates of his term(s) of service.

3. Candidates who take part in the management or ownership of any companies or other institutions that operate in business sectors similar those of the bank, must provide the names of these companies/institutions along with the dates of the candidate’s term(s) of service.

4. If the candidate has previously served as a board member of Alinma Bank, he must provide a written affidavit from bank management certifying the following with regard to his term(s) of service:

a.Number of board meetings held during his membership term(s), the number of meetings he attended in person, and his attendance ratio

b.The permanent committees in which the candidateparticipated, thenumber of meetings held by each committee and his attendance ratio

c.A summary of the financial results achieved by the bank during each year of his membership term

Applications and attachments should be submitted to the following address:

Alinma Bank

Attention: Secretary of the Board of Directors

P.O. Box 66674

Riyadh 11586


Applications should be submitted no later than Wednesday 4 Rabie I, 1434 (corresponding to January 16, 2013). For enquiries and further information, please call012185245 any time between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Saturday through Wednesday