Partnership The Basis of Alinma Banks Dealings with Clients

Alinma Bank has established a business culture among its staff, through training and internal messaging, in which clients are considered as valued partners of the bank. In applying this concept, the term “client” has been replaced with “partner” in all of the bank’s internal and external communications.

Speaking to this issue, Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al Fares, the CEO of the bank, said that employees of the bank consider clients as partners and seek to understand their needs and to provide them appropriate services. Employees base their dealings with partners on full transparency and strive to bring to life the concept of partnership, with all that the concept implies. Doing so keeps the bank on course as it fulfills is long-standing vision of being "your preferred financial partner." Al Fares added that the bank’s emphasis on partnership extends to all channels of communication and service delivery including branches, ATMs, Alinma Phone and Alinma Internet. This emphasis even extends to SMS alerts sent to partners, which feature the greeting: "Dear partner.”

Mr. Al Fares stressed that internally, all employees are keen to confirm this principle in all their dealings.

Mr. Al Fares went on to note that the bank had already opened several of its branches and ATMs and that service is available via various electronic channels. He said that the bank was set to introduce a number of products and services that are hoped to meet the various needs of partners.

Mr. Al Fares also pointed out that the bank's marketing and sales strategy had been designed to serve all segments of society, including individuals and entities of both public and private sectors. He said that throughout the bank’s upcoming phases of development, the partnership culture would feature prominently in the bank’s work and progress, such as dealing with products, their pricing and the types and nature of the services to be provided by the bank.

The CEO stressed that the actualization of the bank’s mission would depend on employees being ever mindful of the concept of partnership and coupling that with striving to champion the interests of shareholders and staff of the bank.

Mr. Al Fares concluded by saying that fulfillment of the bank’s mission and vision would be a long-term endeavor and that Alinma is an institution looking to play a pivotal role in the banking sector over the course of the next several years and beyond. He said that the bank had invested in solid technical systems, advanced electronic channels and a kingdom-wide branch network.

Alinma Bank opened its doors to customers in Saudi Arabia on July 1, 2009 as the newest and largest entrant in the rapidly expanding market of Shariah-compliant banking and financial services. Its official launch campaign in October 2009 saw the bank adopt the campaign slogan “Tafa’al,” which means “Aspire.” Under this powerful and optimistic banner, Alinma strives to give its partners peace of mind with 100% Shariah-compliance and to exceed its partners’ expectations with innovative, top-flight products and services. For more information about Alinma, please visit