Personal Finance

Get a personal financing that meets your needs with several Shariah-compliant options, either through commodities or Murabaha stocks financing, with the possibility of obtaining financing also for qualified customers who are committed to existing financing with a deduction of less than 33.33% where personal financing can be Provided from Alinma Bank with the remaining deduction percentage.  


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  • Ability to choose from the shares approved by the Alinma Bank Shariah Board.
  • Financing up to SAR 7.5 million.
  • Repayment period up to 60 months.
  • Available for both Saudis and expats.
  • Fully Shariah-compliant.
  • Outstanding balance will be waived in case of death (God forbid).


You may enroll thru
  • Alinma App (for the first personal finance)
  • Apply
  • Costumer Services: 8001208008
  • Visit Alinma Bank branch


 Steps of Requesting and Executing via Alinma App
  •  Click on finance and Select request finance and click on Apply now.
  • Select employer sector, then Specify employer.
  •  Fill in your net salary, then click continue.
  •  Select dependents and monthly expenses.
  • Upload required document.
  • At this step personal finance has been successfully submitted and will be subject to the bank's credit study, whether by acceptance or rejection.
  • After receiving the acceptance SMS log in to the app and thru request status you will be able to view and accept the offer.
  • click on Approve promissory note thru (request status) an SMS will be sent with attached link via NAFITH (Ministry of Justice) to agree on the Promissory Note.
  • After that you may Agree on the contract.
  • Enter the activation code sent via SMS then click continue.
  • Title of commodity will be transferred to customer, then the funds will be added to the customer account after selling the commodity by bank on the customer behalf to a third party.


Terms and Conditions
  • Minimum age of 18 is required for Saudis.
  • Maximum age of 75 years for retirees.
  • Minimum net salary starts from SAR 3,000, depending on the sector.
  • *Administrative fees equivalent to 1% of the financed amount, with a maximum limit of SAR 5,000.



* Administrative fees and commodity broker’s fees are subject to VAT

* Terms and Conditions Apply

* To View the Optional Feature Fees for Commodity Financing click here


Example : 

Personal Financing

Monthly Installment

Loan amount

Profit Rate (APR)

Financing Period


SR 1,809.58

SR 100,000


5 years


SR 2,714.38

SR 150,000


5 years


SR 904.79

SR 50,000


5 years


*Any information or rates mentioned are for example only. All financial product and service delivery is subject to the credit policies of Alinma Bank.



To View the Optional Feature Fees for Commodity Financing

Finance Amount

Broker Fees

Less than 20,000

500 SAR

20,000 – 39,999

600 SAR

40,000 – 59,999

700 SAR

60,000 – 79,999

800 SAR

80,000 – 99,999

1000 SAR

More than 100,000

1,200 SAR


*For more information Please call 8001208008