Quick Login Service

You can now quickly and easily log in to the Alinma App without the need to enter a user name, password or receiving an activation code to be able to inquire about transactions, products, and making some low limits financial transactions through one of the following verification criteria:

  1. PIN code (MPIN).
  2. Biometric features of smart devices (fingerprint or facial recognition).


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What is MPIN

MPIN is a code consists of five digits selected by the customer upon registration to the service and it should be:

  1. Not easy to predict, such as sequential or repeated numbers.
  2. Not part of the customer’s ID numbers.
  3. Not part of the customer’s mobile phone numbers.


Service Features:

  1. Quick login to the application.
  2. Multiple entry options: fingerprint, Face recognition, or MPIN.
  3. Available on iOS and Android devices.
  4. Ability to use the service inside or outside the Kingdom.
  5. Activate and deactivate the service at any time.
  6. Hi security level.


Service Activation Procedures:

  1. Following normal logging in to Alinma App (username, password, additional verification criteria).
  2. The partner requests service activation and accepts the terms and conditions of service.
  3. Setup and confirm the new MPIN.
  4. Confirming the service activation request via OTP.


Transactions Available Following Quick Logging in:

Transaction Limit



  • Transactions and Services inquiries (ae. Account balance, account statement, etc.).

No financial limit.

  • Transfers between My Accounts.
  • Transfers from/to My Cards.
  • Transfers to My Investment Account.
  • Government payments linked to the customers ID number.

SAR 300 per transaction (Max. SAR 3,000 for all transactions per day)

  • Transfer to a pre-defined Alinma, local and international beneficiary.
  • Transfer to AlinmaPay wallet.
  • Pre-defined bills payments.


*In case customer exceeds the daily limit of the service, or wanted to perform a transaction that is not included in the service, the application will ask him to complete the login process by entering the password.