Alinma Bank Launches Digital Cards

Alinma Bank, a market leader in digital transformation and the digitization of the partner (customer) experience, recently enabled instant digital issuance of its Alinma mada and Alinma Traveler cards, with more of its card offerings set to become available for the service in the near future.  Provided free of charge, the service brings partners a new level of excellence in innovation and convenience, by obviating the need for printed cards to complete online and point of sale transactions, and by eliminating the need to visit a bank branch to complete the card issuance process.  Once issued, digital cards can be easily managed through the bank’s Alinma Internet online banking service, and can be added to supported digital wallets including AlinmaPay, Apple Pay, and mada Pay.


Speaking about the new service, Alinma Bank CEO, H.E. Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, said that the bank had invested considerable time and resources in the pursuit of digital excellence, and affirmed the bank’s commitment to further enhancing its digital and self-service channels in order to address both partner needs and aspirations.   He further noted that all such efforts would leverage best industry practices and the latest in banking technology, in order to ensure the safety and security of partner transactions.


It is worth noting that Alinma Bank has an advanced, award-winning smart infrastructure, and was recently recognized by the Islamic Retail Banking Awards with its awards for Most Innovative Islamic Retail Bank & Best Digital Branch.


In terms of its digital branch initiative, the first such 24/7 branch is already operational in Riyadh, and efforts are underway to bring this innovative form of self-service banking to other parts of the kingdom.  The bank additionally serves its partners through its Alinma Internet (, Alinma Phone (8001208000), Alinma Mobile (WAP), and Alinma smart device application services.