Alinma Bank gets the Global Standard Certificate of Business Continuity Quality

In continuation of its continuous endeavor to provide the best banking services and ensure their continuity with the highest level of excellence, Alinma Bank has recently obtained the international standard (ISO 22301) certificate in the field of business continuity after passing the audit process of all standards required by the British Standards Institution (BSI), which is one of the most important entities that plays a leading role in setting international standards.


Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Abdulmohsen Bin Abdulaziz Al-Fares, the CEO of Alinma Bank, confirmed that the Bank’s achievement of the standard of “Business Continuity Management Quality” represents an extension of its continuous efforts to provide the best banking services in accordance with the highest international standards. The Bank’s achievement of the BSI standards confirms its ability to continue delivering the banking services in events of emergencies and disasters. This could be done by setting a comprehensive and complete scenario for business nature, partner’s needs while identifying risks related thereto and then analyzing the impact of such risks and potential damages. Following that, alternative strategies and plans will be developed to confront these risks as well as conducting all periodical tests and procedures related to the said scenarios in order to ensure business and banking services continuity with the same level of quality and security in different conditions and times.


It is worth noting that Alinma Bank owns the best infrastructures in the field of modern banking systems and is the first financial institution that supports qualitative transformation to move from the traditional data centers model (Active-Passive) to (Active – Active) model, which is the latest generation in data center models. In this model, e-services are run and managed simultaneously through the primary data center and backup data center to achieve a high level of service availability and ensure business continuity around the clock and in various circumstances.