Alinma Bank Launches SADAD Account

Alinma Bank has launched the most recent extension to its account offerings for its partners (customers) with the introduction of the Alinma SADAD Account.  Designed to give partners greater flexibility when shopping online, the new account obviates the need for credit or debit cards when checking out and paying for online purchases.  Once registered for the service, completing purchases is just a few clicks away. 

Speaking about the launch, Alinma Bank CEO, Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, said that the service would help to streamline online commerce.

“With more and more shoppers preferring to make purchases online, payment options need to be flexible, and we have to keep pace with demand,” said Al-Fares.  “Thanks to the foresight and cooperation of the Saudi Payments Network, the SADAD e-commerce option became available; and Alinma immediately moved to provide this service to its partners through the Alinma SADAD Account.”

Alinma Bank accountholders can utilize the service by completing a one-time online registration process via the bank’s Alinma Internet service (  Once registered, partners will have a dedicated Alinma SADAD sub-account to which they can transfer money for online shopping purposes.  Then, when finished shopping online with participating merchants, partners can simply select the SADAD payment option upon checkout.

The Alinma SADAD Account also allows bank partners to easily track transactions, request refunds and submit technical assistant requests.

Additionally, the service provides added value for participating merchants by securely executing transactions, immediately crediting purchases to merchants’ accounts with Alinma, and helping them capture online sales from customers looking for an alternative to standard card payment options