Alinma Launches Corporate Banking Training Program

As part of its ongoing training and development efforts, Alinma Bank has initiated a specialized training program for 15, hand-picked, entry-level personnel in its Corporate Banking group.  The goal of the program is to provide talented relationship managers who deal directly with bank partners (customers) with an exemplary skill set that they can utilize on a daily basis when rendering service to partners.  The skill set includes the ability to perform financial analysis and credit assessment, as well the ability to communicate product and service information with transparency and accuracy.


Speaking about the program, Alinma Bank CEO, Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, said that he was pleased that the bank had the resources and initiative necessary to bring something of this nature to fruition.  “Since its inception, Alinma Bank has had a proven record of commitment to staff development,” said Al-Fares.   “This is merely an extension of that commitment, just as our ‘We Care’ campaign has been an extension of our dedication to service in all that we do.” 


Alinma Bank provides a broad range of services to its Corporate Banking partners (customers).  These include current accounts,  investment accounts, letters of guarantee and credit, cash and liquidity management,  Murabaha and Musharaka financing, currency trading and other financial services.


Today Alinma Bank has 124 branches across the kingdom that have been purpose built to address ever growing partner needs.  The bank also provides its services through a comprehensive array of 24/7 electronic channels including Alinma Internet (, Alinma Phone (8001208000), the Alinma smart device application and the bank’s network of 1311 ATMs in over 1100 individual locations across Saudi Arabia.