Alinma Banks Holds Workshops for Corporate Partners in Jeddah

For the fourth consecutive year, Alinma Bank has held a series of workshops in Jeddah for its corporate banking partners (customers).  As in previous years, this year’s series addressed the unique business needs of partners by focusing on such relevant topics as business services, business products, marine insurance, cash management and electronic banking. This year’s workshop, entitled “Trade & Electronic Banking Services Developments,” provided detailed insights into Alinma’s products, services and competencies in this area.  The series also functioned as an opportunity for the bank to reiterate its commitment to full Shariah-compliance, dedication to providing quality service and utilization of best international practices.
The workshops additionally provided overviews of rules and regulations issued by the International Chamber of Commerce as well as practical training workshops on how to use the bank’s services. Information was also provided on liquidity management and cash flow optimization.
Alinma Corporate Banking offers a broad range of products and services including direct Murabaha, Ijara with subsequent ownership, Bai Ajel (through the Alinma Treasury Group), Musharaka financing, and direct import and corporate current accounts. An array of trade products is also available, including import and export credits, guarantees, and documentary collections. Alinma’s corporate partners can avail themselves of these products and other services by visiting Alinma’s corporate service centers located in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. Alternatively, partners may also use the bank’s corporate Alinma Phone service (8001201010) or its Alinma Internet ( corporate portal.