Alinma Bank Smartphone Application Ahead of the Competition

Since the launch of Alinma’s smartphone application in mid-2013, both analysts and bank partners (customers) have praised the application for its comprehensive functionality, intuitive design, and cross-platform compatibility – versions exist for Apple, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry operating systems.

The application is integrated in its services and superior in its capabilities. It allows users to perform a full range of operations including adding an invoice or a new beneficiary, performing money transfers locally and internationally with precision and safety around-the-clock, and paying traffic violation fines.

In a recent poll of banking application users, the Alinma smartphone application ranked ahead of other Saudi banks’ applications, especially for the iOS and Android operating systems. Alinma partners have also commented on the application’s ease of use, speed of response and the lack of errors. Usage rates have increased steadily since the application’s launch and it continues to appeal to users because of its compatibility with various operating systems and mobile phone screen sizes.

Partners are also able to obtain directions to the nearest bank branch through the use of the application’s augmented reality function, which utilizes the smartphone’s camera to display, live real-time directions overlaid upon the video being captured by the camera.

Speaking about the application’s success, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Sayari, General Manager of Information Technology at Alinma Bank, said that the bank was continually seeking to address partner needs and to increase service offerings available to them through the use of the latest, most secure technological advances.

It is worth mentioning that Alinma Bank’s smartphone application is designed to be accessible to the sight-impaired, as are the bank’s ATMs and website. This comes as part of Alinma’s ongoing commitment to the community in general and to people with special needs in particular.