Alinma Bank Provides Information on Fraud for the Blind

Alinma Bank, as a contributorto the Saudi Banks Committee’s media and awareness effort,has, in cooperation with EbsarSociety for the Rehabilitation of theVisually Impaired, participated in a seminar for employees and members of Ebsar. The event, heldin Jeddah, aimed to promote fraud prevention. Alinma Bank also used the seminar as an opportunity to present information pertaining to its specialized services for the visually impaired, including account opening procedures, which have been designed to ensure that the visually impaired receive service with the promise of confidentiality, privacy and independence.

Over the past year, Alinma has launched, for the first time in the Kingdom, a number of e-services that are accessible to the visually impaired. In particular, the bank’s website ( and its mobile/WAP services have been designed to meet the needs of the visually impaired. Additionally, Alinma’s recently launched smart phone application, which is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry systems, also has features that make it user-friendly for the visually impaired.

Alinma’s participation was lauded by Ebsar members and employees, who found information related to ATM use particularly helpful. In the case of ATMs, visually impaired partners (customers), use voice commands to navigate the screen options, while the screen itself goes black in order to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Alinma Bank is the first bank in the GCC to offer such services to the visually impaired, and it sees such services as part of its corporate social responsibility to society.