Alinma Offers Cash Back on Purchases Outside the Kingdom

Alinma Bank has announced that until October 31, 2013, bank partners using their credit and debit cards at restaurants outside the Kingdom, will be eligible for a special “cash back” refund. Through the offer, partners may use any of their cards a maximum of twice daily for restaurant purchases up to a value of SAR 500 per purchase.They will receive a refund equal to 5% of each receipt. Refunds are made automatically at the end of each card statement cycle. 
This offer is an extension of Alinma’s comprehensive customer loyalty efforts. Already the bank has established relationships with numerous name brands and other vendors inside Saudi Arabia who provide valuable discounts to Alinma partners who use their cards at these establishments. These discounts do not require special enrollment or the use of special vouchers, coupons or a “points” system. Rather, partners automatically receive their discounts at the time purchases are made.
Alinma has also pioneered online shopping security and convenience with its CVV2 enabled smart-chip debit cards.  The cards can be used in the same manner as a credit card when making online purchases or making hotel or car reservations. Thanks to the CVV2 technology, the online purchasing function and be enabled and disabled by the partner via the bank’s convenient mobile and internet banking channels. This provides partners with the utmost confidence that their online transactions will be safe and secure. 
It is worth mentioning that partners are immediately eligible for the discount program when they receive their cards after opening an account. Furthermore, cards are issued instantly in the bank’s branches, at the time the account is opened.  Program details and a full list offers can be found by visiting the bank’s website ( or calling Alinma Phone (8001208000).