Alinma Bank Launches Its Aspire Campaign

Alinma Bank has launched its “Aspire” (Tafa’al) advertising campaign, which aims to spread the spirit of optimism and hope for the future through the many programs and services offered by the bank that function to engender confidence among both existing and potential partners (clients).

When Alinma Bank launched its operations in 2009, optimism and aspiration were part and parcel of its mission; and through the Aspire campaign, this mission is made manifest with a wide range of products that have been carefully researched so as to meet partner needs and enable partners to achieve their aspirations. All Alinma products and services are fully Shariah-compliant and have been designed and implemented according to the latest in banking best practices. By delivering such exemplary products and services to partners, Alinma strives fulfill its vision of becoming the preferred financial partner for all.

Speaking about the campaign launch, Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, the CEO of Alinma Bank, noted that the campaign slogan, “Aspire,” fits perfectly in the current environment of growth and prosperity being witnessed by Saudi Arabia. “Every new day there is reason for optimism, and this is clearly reflected in the Kingdom’s development projects related to modernization and construction, industry and energy, and individuals and society,” said Al-Fares. “In such an atmosphere, we address our existing and potential partners with the phrase ‘Aspire, for there is a bank that cares, pays attention to your needs, helps you achieve your aspirations, and enhances your potential.’”

Mr. Al-Fares added that, in addition to expressing its own aspirational optimism, Alinma was calling on its partners, through the campaign, to also aspire and be optimistic. He also noted that the Aspire campaign was launched across a range of media and that the campaign message focused on optimism in various aspects of daily life in general and economic life in specific. He said that the message was one that invited all segments of society to share in the bank’s optimism and to join the bank in its drive to be a part of partners’ lives, to share in their dreams and to contribute to the realization of those dreams.

Since its establishment, the bank has committed to hiring and developing qualified staff, and investing in the latest banking technology, including various automated systems and modern electronic channels in order to serve its partners. As such, Alinma is able to deliver exemplary service not only through its extensive and expanding branch network, but also through its ATMs and its Alinma Phone, Alinma Internet and Alinma Mobile services.

In 2011, the bank achieved a net profit of SAR 431 million, an increase of 2773% over the previous year. This result increased the strength of the bank’s financial position. The bank’s branch network grew from 35 branches in 2010 to 68 branches at the end of 2011, an increase of 89%. The number of ATMs doubled over the same period to a total of 400 ATMs. All the foregoing was accompanied by an increase in the bank’s operations, both directly through branches and through its e-channels. Based on its 2011 achievements, Alinma Bank is looking forward with optimism in the new fiscal year.