Alinma Bank approves the smart Chip for ATM cards since Day 1

The Chief Executive Officer of Alinma Bank Mr. Abdul Mohsen Al Faris said that Alinma Bank is one of the first Saudi banks in using the latest findings of modern technology in its banking operations to achieve full security for all its partners. He said in a special statement that Alinma Bank has provided its partners, from day 1, with ATM and credit cards containing smart chips which achieve the highest degree of protection and privacy. The cards are of EMV type (smart cards) and contain metal chip with integrated circuits and memory and more security features than the traditional magnetic cards. Alinma card is characterized by containing the holder’s data (name and details of the Client) and the possibility of programming the chip with many applications and features that cannot be provided on the magnetic strip of other cards as well as the difficulty of copying this smart card as is the case with traditional cards which can be copied through the data reader.

Mr. Al Faris added that the Bank winning of the Global Standard Certificate (PCI-DSS 1.2.1- Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 1.2.1), which is concerned with the protection of information on bank cards through the application of a number of procedures related to information security, confirms the efficiency and quality of information systems, policies, standards and security measures applicable in the Bank, Including the structure of information technology and the excellent infrastructure owned by the Bank. Likewise, the winning of the aforementioned certificate represents the fruit of our continued commitment to apply the latest systems of protecting information security and this will enhance the confidence of our partners being the first Saudi bank to get this certificate.