Supply Chain Finance

A Receivables Finance financing product enables small and medium enterprises to finance due invoices or contracts for suppliers within the small and medium enterprise sector payable to either government, semi-government agencies or large companies for a period of up to 12 months for waiving the invoices or contracts revenues with a chance to financing up to SAR 5 million and 90% of the value of invoices or contracts, with easy and affordable terms and competitive prices, without the need to submit financial statements.


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Financing advantages:
  1. Financing up to SAR 5 Million.
  2. Competitive rates and fees.
  3. Short financing study time.
  4. Financing up to 90% of the invoice value.
  5. Flexible and easy financing terms.



Finance Limits:
  1. SAR 5 Million maximum financing limit.
  2. Non-Revolving Limit.



Financing terms and requirements:
  1. Entity's Age must be one year or above based on CR.
  2. Project owner/ Buyer must be government, semi-government, or big privet companies.
  3. Submitting all needed documents and contact data of the project owner/ Buyer and assign payments to the escrow account.
  4. Positive SIMAH records for the entity and the owners is required.



Finance Type:

Be’a Ajil


Finance Tenor:

12 Months



Monthly or through the payments received from the project owner / buyer, whatever comes first.


Finance Pricing and fees:

Depends on the nature of the financing and varies according to the creditworthiness and the customer’s relationship with Alinma.