Kafalah program financing

Dear Customer,

Alinma Bank recognizes the importance of the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector to the kingdom’s economy and to Vision 2030, and works to advance the sector through financing schemes that help companies overcome financial obstacles that hinder their development.   With Alinma’s MSME programs, obtaining financing is fast, convenient, and flexible.


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Key Benefits


  1. Financing that addresses your business needs
  2. Both short and long-term financing are available
  3. Fast processing of financing requests
  4. Multiple options for financing repayment terms and schedules



Types of Financing


  1. Murabaha (Bai Ajel)
  2. Letters of Credit (LC)
  3. Letters of Guarantee (LG)



Financing Term

Up to 7 years

Repayment Schedule

Flexible repayment schedules are available based on the type financing and the type of business (monthly – quarterly – semiannually – annually). Grace periods are also available, according to bank policies in this regard.


Profit Rates and Fees

Profit rates and fees are calculated based on the type of financing and the creditworthiness of the business and its owners.



Conditions and Requirements
  1. Minimum amount of financing is not less than SAR 500,000.
  2. Business must have been in operation for not less than 3 years.
  3. Business must have audited financial results for a period of three years.
  4. Annual revenue/sales should not exceed SAR 200 million.
  5. All financial indicators of the business should be positive.
  6. Businesses that are full beneficiaries of the Kafalah program are not eligible.
  7. Businesses and owners must have clean credit histories



Profit Rates and Fees:


Profit Rate

Financing Period

Administrative Fees

Financing Limits

Medium Enterprise Financing

5% to 7% annual fixed rate

Up to 84 Months

1.5% to 3%

Up to SAR 18.75 million

Micro and Small Enterprise Financing

6% to 8% annual fixed rate

Up to 84 Months

1.5% to 3%

Up to SAR 6.25 million


*Any information or rates mentioned are for example only. All financial product and service delivery is subject to the credit policies of Alinma Bank.