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Amad Logo

Leaving an everlasting impact for future generations


We work with responsibility and commitment towards our community to pave the way for the future of our coming generation

At the forefront of sustainable banking at Alinma Bank lies our AMAD program. This initiative underscores our commitment to achieving sustainable development goals, encompassing environmental responsibility, resource conservation, community impact, and effective business governance. Through AMAD, we drive forward with unwavering support for high-quality initiatives, programs, and partnerships.

AMAD embodies our commitment to all stakeholders with transparency and high levels of engagement. Built on three fundamental values - awareness, contribution, and sustainability - our program reflects our determination to understand challenges and address them responsibly. We recognize pressing environmental and societal challenges (awareness), leverage our resources and expertise to contribute to solutions (contribution), and ensure our efforts have a lasting impact that sustains our business and benefits future generations (sustainability).

With AMAD, we're committed to realizing our vision of actively engaging with our communities and creating positive, lasting change that aligns with our bank's values and strategic objectives in sustainability and social responsibility.