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Charitable Donations

Alinma Bank is committed to social responsibility and social development; and as part of its mission to support the community, Alinma Bank facilitates charitable giving through a safe, secure, mechanism that directs donations to trusted organizations and causes.




Donate to charities via Alinma app:

1. Enter the Alinma app and choose the transfer icon

2. Choose a Charity institution

3. Choose the Charity by searching by name, category, or type

4. Choose the account you want to transfer from then enter the amount

5. Complete the transfer


Donate to charities via Alinma ATM:

  1. Insert your Alinma Bank ATM card.
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Select “Other services”.
  4. Select “Transfer to Charity”.
  5. Choose the charity you wish to support.
  6. Complete the transfer.




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