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Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing

We contribute to the realization of your dream by financing the completed or unfinished property with a completion rate of 70%, in the form of Murabaha that is fully Shariah-compliant, and which reflects our values ​​based on innovation, respect and transparency.





Features That Meet Your Needs:

  • 9 days to own your property.
  • Competitor's profit margin.
  • Financing without salary transfer.
  • Financing up to the age of 75 years.
  • Acceptance of real estate all over the Kingdom.
  • Possibility of financing for non-accredited entities.
  • Exemption of beneficiaries in case of death*
  • Liberty to choose appropriate dwelling (villa, apartment, building, rest house, land)
  • Funding up to S.R. 10 Million
  • Settlement period up to 25 years*
  • Administrative fees equivalent to 1% of the financed amount or SAR 5000 (whichever is less)
  • fully Shariah compliant   
  • Easier Requirements For A Better Service


For The Completed Property:

  • Global limit request.
  • Price offer.
  • Real estate deed and owner's details (name and contact information).
  • Bring the legal agency and the ID of the legal agent (in the case of there is an agent for the owner).
  • Municipality permission letter.
  • Completed real estate financing application form


For Your Dream House That Is Fully Built, The Following Specifications Should Be Met:

  • The property should not be older than 30 years*
  • The property needs to be located within an urban area
  • The property should be built and equipped with services
  • Service availability (water, electricity)
  • ( Esterahah – chalet – Agriculture land- Villa – Residential Building – Commercial Building – Apartment) 


 (Global limit) application requirements:

  • Open a current account with Alinma Bank 
  • Obtain a certified letter from your employer indicating your salary and service period details
  • ID Copy


*For more information Please call 8001208008

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