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Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing

We Fulfill Your Ambitions

We, at Alinma Bank, participate in fulfilling your dream by financing a completely built property, in the form of (Murabaha ), which is fully Shariah compliant and reflect our values which are based on innovation, respect and transparency.


Features That Meet Your Needs

  • Exemption of beneficiaries in case of death*
  • Liberty to choose a property under construction or uncompleted from Authorized real estate office
  • Liberty to choose appropriate dwelling (villa, apartment, building, rest house, land)
  • Funding up to S.R. 10 Million
  • Settlement period up to 30 years*
  • Administrative fees equivalent to 1% of the financed amount or SAR 5000 (whichever is less)
  • fully Shariah compliant   
  • Easier Requirements For A Better Service


For The Completed Property:

  • Al-Had Al-Shamel (Global limit)
  • Price offer
  • Real estate deed and owner's details (name and contact information)
  • Bring the legal agency and the ID of the legal agent (in the case of there is an agent for the owner)
  • Municipality permission letter (for building)
  • Property location map
  • Completed real estate financing application form


For Your Dream House That Is Fully Built, The Following Specifications Should Be Met:

  • The property should not be older than 15 years*
  • The property needs to be located within an urban area
  • The property should be built and equipped with services
  • Service availability (water, electricity)


 (Global limit) application requirements:

  • Open a current account with Alinma Bank 
  • Obtain a certified letter from your employer indicating your salary and service period details
  • Obtain a certified letter from your employer verifying your salary deposit with Alinma Bank (assignment of salary and benefits)
  • Employer must be from Alinma list of approved employers
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