Alinma Virtual Cards

Just a click away


You can now issue new Alinma mada and Traveler cards in virtual form instantly through Alinma Internet, free of charge.

With this new service, plastic is a thing of the past – no cards to be printed, no cards to get lost, stolen, or damaged.  Simply log in to Alinma Internet, request your cards, and then enjoy online shopping as well as secure mada Pay and Apple Pay point of sale purchases.

Previously issued, active, mada and Traveler cards are also eligible for this service.

Services tailored to your needs:

1.       Instant issuance

2.       Ability to view virtual version of cards via Alinma Internet

3.       Access to previously issued, active, mada and Traveler cards (more cards to be added soon)

4.       Instant activation of issued virtual cards for mada Pay and Apple Pay point of sale purchases, as well as online shopping


Card request process via Alinma Internet :

1.       Choose "Cards" → "Request a Card”.

2.       Select the type of card required and the type of issuance, by selecting "Virtual Card". Then specify the account number.

3.       Set the preferred card limits, then agree to the terms and conditions and choose "Next".

4.       Click “Set up a PIN”.

5.       Change the status of the card by choosing "Card Status" and then change the status to "Active with Online Purchasing".

6.       Review the summary and confirm. Then click “Next” to complete the issuance and activation process.


How to check card status and details via Alinma Internet:

1.       Choose “Card List”, then select the card number.

2.       Click the "Show Card Details" icon.

3.       Enter the one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile in order to show all card details, including:

  • Full card number
  • CVV number that appears on the back of the card
  • Card expiration date


Terms and Conditions :

  1.  Only mada and Traveler cards are currently eligible (more card coming soon)
  2. In cases of misuse of the service, Alinma Bank reserves the right to terminate the service at its sole discretion and take any other necessary actions.
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