Nama Product

Nama Product

Investment returns with peace of mind

Nama Investment Product is designed to help you develop your financial resources to give you investment returns by investing in the bank's activities according to the fully Shariah-compliant, taking into account the customer's interest in achieving a better return with greater peace of mind.


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Benefits that keep up with your needs

  • Minimum investment of SR 200,000
  • Flexible Investment periods startig from one week till 10 years.
  • Ability to invest during any business day
  • Achieve returns through investing in Alinma bank activities
  • Returns are calculated on a daily basis and are payable at maturity date
  • Available to Saudis and expatriates
  • Linking Nama product to a currency other than the Saudi Riyal is possible only if the account is created in one of the following currencies: (US Dollar, Euro, Sterling Pound and GCC currencies).


Easier prerequisites for better service

  • National ID card / residence visa
  • Open current account



  • Alinma internet
  • Alinma application for smart devices
  • Alinma bank branches


Investment Pool

which is consisting of investments that are revenue-generating and have a high-level of stability in terms of their fair value and cash flow.

Investment Pool Component:

  • Financing
  • Sukuk
  • Transactions with SAMA


Return expected rate example:

Anticipated Annual Profit Amount

Subscription Period


One Month


Two Month


3 Month


6 Month


9 Month


One Year


Two Years


3 Years


Nama Product Investment Contract

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