Shareholders Relations Management

Alinma Bank’s Shareholders Relations Management is the link between the bank and its partners, the shareholders. It is authorized to manage and coordinate the communication between the Capital Market Authority, the “Tadawul” Saudi stock exchange and Alinma Bank. In administrating shareholder affairs, it is concerned with the development and improvement of the relationship between partners and the bank. This is accomplished by providing enhanced services that are developed through careful strategic planning that is reviewed and developed annually to match partners’ needs and interests. The Shareholders Relations Management manages the records of shareholders and the information related to their shares and follows up the process of dividend distribution.
The Shareholders Relations Management also provides the bank with periodic reports and acts as a repository for shareholder data received from the Tadawul system. It additionally acts in a follow-up capacity, assuring that the board of directors and executive management fulfill their obligations related to their ownership of bank shares. This includes the monitoring of periods during which certain shareholders are excluded from trading their shares.
The Shareholders Relations Management also oversees the publishing of all bank announcements on the Tadawul system and preparations for general shareholder assemblies and responds to shareholder queries.

To contact Shareholders Relations Management: 00966112185252.


Alinma Bank announces the Board of Directors' recommendation to distribute cash dividends to shareholders for the second half of 2021


Dividends Inquiry

Alinma Bank's shareholders can inquire about their dividends by entering the national ID/Iqama/passport/commercial registration number in the field below:

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