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Alinma Bank ... We Care

Alinma Bank ... We Care

11 Rabia I 1437 - 22 December 2015 G

Alinma Bank has launched its newest and latest marketing campaign under the slogan “We Care.”  Intended to give further and deeper meaning and context to the values of the bank, “We Care” focuses on the attentiveness of service that Alinma provides.
From its inception, Alinma has always taken pride in referring to its customers as partners, in order to emphasize the nature of partnership that should ideally exist between a bank and a customer.  Alinma’s launch campaign in 2009 – “Alinma Bank … For Our Growth” – pointed directly to that notion.  The follow up campaign – “Aspire” – further revealed Alinma’s commitment to its partners. Now with its “We Care” campaign, Alinma Bank takes partnership to the next level through service with attention: attention to needs, attention to aspirations, attention to important details, attention to the design of product offerings, attention to partner experience, and the list goes on.
Speaking about the new campaign, Alinma Bank CEO, Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares said that “We Care” represented a new chapter in Alinma Bank’s growth, which has been steady and strategically on track.   He noted that through the campaign, Alinma would strive even harder to give its partners a bright future in which their aspirations can be met through Alinma’s exemplary, comprehensive, Shariah-compliant products and services. Al-Fares further added that Alinma would also continue strive to be a model of excellence in the banking industry and that the “We Care” campaign, with its focus on service with attention, would help the bank fulfill its vision: to be your financial partner.
Alinma Bank serves its partners across Saudi Arabia through an extensive network of 116 branches that have been purposely built, designed and outfitted with the latest in banking technology in order to render exemplary service.  Alinma also serves partners though a complete array of electronic channel offerings including Alinma Internet (, Alinma Phone (8001208000), Alinma Mobile, Alinma’s smartphone application, and Alinma’s network of 1125 kingdom-wide ATMs.  All of the aforementioned allow for 24/7 banking with speed, convenience, security and technical excellence



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