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Self Service Banking List

Self Service Banking List

Alinma E-Channel Service Guide

Alinma ATM

Alinma Phone

Alinma Mobile

Alinma App

Alinma Internet



Open a digital account

Open a corporate digital account

Open a sub-account


Financing details


Internal, domestic, international, and charity

Alinma Express

Western Union

Edit Western Union beneficiary

Refund a Western Union transfer

Add a beneficiary

Cancel a transfer

Edit beneficiary information


Add, activate, and pay bills

Pay and refund government payments


Register for AlinmaPay

Add credit to AlinmaPay wallet

Emergency Cash

Emergency Cash request


Change POS purchase limit

Card issuance

Alinma mada cards - blocked transactions

Traveler Card issuance

Transfer from current account to Traveler Card

Transfer from Traveler Card to current account

Activate and deactivate cards

(temporarily / permanently)

Create or change PIN

Check credit card credit limit, available balance, and cash withdrawal limit

Reissue Alinma mada and credit cards

Print Alinma mada card via ATM





Request a check book through electronic channels and receive it from the branch


Subscription, review previous subscriptions


Open a complaint creation page and view previous complaints


Activate the Absher service

Update subscription to notifications

Exchange rates

Currency exchange

Update personal KYC information

Identity update service

Personal Data

Update partner information

User Limits

Alinma Internet and Alinma phone transaction limits

Password and Username



Family Account

Opening and managing family members' accounts

House Workers

Opening an account and transferring money to House workers

Alinma Payments

Alinma payments

Esal Bills

Esal bill payments

Alinma Token

Subscribe for Alinma Token via Alinma Internet

Activate and deactivate Alinma Token via
Alinma Internet and Alinma Phone

Mazaya Rewards Program

Mazaya enrollment

Nama Product

Nama subscription

ATM Services

Cash withdrawals

Small denomination withdrawals

(inside branches)

Coin deposits (inside branches)

U.S. Dollar withdrawals (selected ATMs)

Contactless NFC cash withdrawals
(selected ATMs)

Changing the registered mobile number

Blind and sight-impaired services

Turkish language (selected ATMs)


General self-service availability

Personal data update

Personal digital account signature authentication

Checkbook printing

Certified check printing

New ATM card issuance

Renewal and replacement of cards

Proof of deposit printing

Customer information certificate (IBAN)

Account statement printing

Balance certificate printing

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