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Alinma Currency Converter

Alinma Exchange is a convenient, easy-to-use tool for checking Alinma Bank exchange rates




  • Worldwide currency exchange rates
  • Exchange rates between world currencies and the Saudi Riyal
  • Comparisons between Alinma Bank exchange rates and other local exchange centers


All services are available without the need to log in.



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Alinma Web Content Viewer

 Alinma Exchange application provides you with currency exchange rates.


Alinma Smart Gate, allows you to identify all services provided by Alinma Bank.


After  logging in, the transfer exchange rate will be similar to the in-branch rate used by Alinma Bank.


After  logging in, you can transfer the converted amount to an international beneficiary with the same currency.


 Alinma Exchange is useful for calculating the exchange values of any two designated currencies.

Alinma Web Content Viewer

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