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Alinma Token Service

Alinma Token Service

 Protecting Your Transactions

The security of your transactions is important to you; and we at Alinma Bank work hard to put your mind at ease when banking with us. We, therefore, are pleased to introduce Alinma Token Service device and smartphone application authentication option that leverages the latest in banking technology to ensure that your transactions are safe secure and confidential.  Alinma Token Service gives you peace of mind – anytime, anywhere around the world

Alinma Token Service Key Features

  • The utmost in transactional safety and protection 
  • Available  anytime ,anywhere
  • Available in two options:
    •   Alinma Token Device
    • Alinma Token Smartphone App
  • An alternative to SMS activation code authentication
  • Activating beneficiary through the Alinma Internet or the Alinma Smartphone App without the need for contacting Alinma phone or Alinma ATM.
  • Functions independently without needing to connect to mobile networks or interne
  • Smartphone application available for: IOS , Android Windows phone and BlackBerry devices
  • Absolute protection and full security for all of your banking transactions
  • Easy to use
  • Instant  authentication for all types of transaction from anywhere in the world

Easier Requirements for Better Service

        Alinma Token Device:

  • Open an account with Alinma Bank
  • Request Alinma Token Device at nearest branch
  • Make payment service fees


         Alinma Token APP:

  • Open an account with Alinma Bank
  • Log into Alinma internet
  • Select “Alinma Token “ from the main menu
  • Select “Alinma Token APP Registration and Activation “ form the submenu  and follow the steps
  • Make payment service fees
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