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Land and Loan Financing

Land and Loan Financing

Dear Partner,

Alinma Bank, in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing and the Real Estate Development Fund, is pleased to provide partners with the opportunity to own previously undeveloped land for the purpose of residential home self-construction.  Created to address the ongoing need for affordable housing options in Saudi Arabia, the scheme applies to specific Ministry of Housing projects, with Alinma Bank providing financing for those partners who qualify for the program.


Program features:

  • Land should be allocated by Ministry of Housing
  • Financing is designated specifically for land allocated by the Ministry of Housing
  • Real Estate financing support from the Ministry of Housing will afford the profit margin calculated on the amount of SAR 500,000 with a supporting rate ranging from a minimum of 35% to 100%.
  • Up to 20 years financing period.
  • Administrative fees equal 1% of the financed amount, with a SAR 5000 cap
  • Partners up to 70 years of age are eligible for the program
  • Program is fully Shariah-compliant


Program requirements:

  • Approval from the Ministry of Housing or the Real Estate Development Fund
  • Signed contract between partner and the Ministry of Housing covering the land grant
  • Copy of the land deed granted by the Ministry of Housing
  • Building permit
  • Completed Global Limit financing application
  • Salary transfer
  • Alinma Bank terms and conditions apply
  • ID Copy


How to enroll:

  • Partner Services: 8001208008
  • Visit Alinma Bank branch



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