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“mada” for your payments at the Point-of-Sale

“mada” for your payments at the Point-of-Sale

Welcome to a new era of electronic payment services in the Kingdom – Introducing the mada electronic payment service. This service will bring new levels of convenience and services for your

everyday shopping. From buying your daily groceries, to purchasing a gift for that special someone, your shopping experience will be faster, safer, and more convenient than you have

ever experienced before


Get your shopping done quicker with fast, easy payment

Shopping is just one of the many things you need to do every day, so every minute counts. - with the mada electronic payment card, you save time and effort, you no longer have to worry about carrying enough cash or waiting to receive your change - just use your mada electronic payment card to pay for your purchases

directly at the point-of–sale.


Enjoy new services, right at the Point-of-Sale

Purchase with CashBack

You want convenience, and mada delivers. Now, instead of adding a trip to the ATM to your To-Do list, you can withdraw cash right at the Point-of-Sale, when you are making a payment with your mada

electronic payment card. The cash amount will be deducted directly from your personal bank account along with your purchase. Purchase with CashBack is available at participating merchants, wherever you see the mada CashBack sign.


Safer and more secure than cash

Using the mada electronic payment card means you do not have to worry about carrying large amounts of cash for your purchases, or about counting change after each transaction. Just pay with your mada card directly at the Point-of-Sale.


For more information about mada electronic payment service or to apply for mada electronic payment card, please contact the bank partner service representative.

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