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Growth for our Kingdom

Growth for our Kingdom

The SAR 15 billion establishment of Alinma Bank in 2006 marked a milestone for the Saudi financial sector and reflected the priority given by Saudi leadership to keeping pace with the positive economic developments in the Kingdom. With the creation of an integrated business model, the Kingdom’s resources have been utilized in meeting the funding demands of new projects as Saudi Arabia embarks on a new phase of national development.

The success story of the Kingdom lives on, and contributions from people at all levels of society continue to grow, day after day.
Every day, newborn babies bring joy to our lives.
Every day, fresh graduates raise our flag high.
Every day, new homes light up our kingdom.
Every day, new projects strengthen our economy.

At Alinma Bank we say, “Aspire,” for there is a bank that meets your requirements. Our smiles blossom at the sight of you, and we welcome you to a better tomorrow full of growth and prosperity.


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