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Services offered from financial institutions are often very much alike. Therefore, creativity is the only way for a bank to distinguish its services from those of its competitors. Creativity is built upon ideas; but ideas are not measured by size and often innovative ideas are simple. Additionally, no one has a monopoly on good ideas. Therefore, Alinma Bank turns to its employees, clients and partners for ideas and feedback.It is Alinma's hope that channels of communication can be developed between it and the community at-large and that this will lead to Alinma's development as a modern bank that is committed not only to business, but also community service. Anyone with an idea or suggestion can contact Alinma Bank through filling the following form

Participation rules
1. That participation in the Afkar program is subject to all laws, regulations and statutes in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2. That Alinma Bank is free to use submitted ideas, opinions, observations and suggestions at its own discretion and as it sees fit
3. That submission of ideas, opinions, observations and suggestions does not entitle the submitter to any rights or privileges with Alinma Bank; nor does it imply that there exists any commitment, whatsoever, on the part of the bank to the submitter
4. That submissions represent the opinions of the submitter and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Alinma Bank, its management, its employees or its affiliates. As such, the bank assumes no responsibility for submission content
5. That all submissions are final and may not be retrieved or revised after having been sent


This translated text is for guidance only and the prevailing text is the Arabic one.
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