Cooperative Training Program (COOP)

Cooperative Training Program:

Alinma Bank provides training opportunities for undergraduate students (males and females). This program has been designed to help students apply the knowledge they have learned, acquire practical experience, skills and modern practices in different fields as well as fulfilling graduation requirements.


Eligible candidates are students who are required to accomplish training prior to graduation. Co-op training applications shall be considered based on available vacancies.
In addition, the following criteria shall also be considered:

  1. Applicants should be nominated by their universities and their GPA should not be less than “Good”;
  2. Applicant should not be a graduate who has accomplished graduation requirements (namely, training program);
  3. All applicants should attend all training days.

Required Documents:

  1. ID Copy;
  2. Academic transcript;
  3. A letter from the university stating that the program is one of graduation requirements and indicating training purpose, area and period.

Program Registration