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Saving Account

Saving Account

Care today…for a better tomorrow

To help you save and plan for the future, we at Alinma Bank introduce Alinma Savings Account In more than one of the package featuring flexibility that meets the needs of our clients. Our aim is to help you fulfill your personal goals in a Sharia-compliant manner and in line with our values of transparency and innovation.

Features that meet your needs

  • Open A Free Saving Account.
  • Flexible withdrawals and deposits (as per package terms)
  • Ability to open Saving Accounts in alinma online through Family Account service.
  • Ability to track account details through account statements, at Alinma Self Service.
  • Secure monthly dividends.
  • The return elasticity and its increase if the balance increasing and decreasing it if the balance decreasing .
  • Ability to withdraw funds at any time during investment period and (according to package terms).
  • A minimum balance must be maintained throughout the investment period. This balance is eligible to be added to the investment fund and to receive dividends according to package terms.

Open Your Account in 3 Quick, Easy Steps

  • Open a current account with Alinma Bank
  • Present a valid identification card
  • Sign the savings account agreement

Savings Account Features

Start date of the investment period Flexible
End date of the investment period Flexible
Amount of current account available for investment 100% of the balance
Deposits during the investment period Additional deposits can be made anytime; 
however, returns will be calculated starting from the next investment period or as of the next working day (as per the terms of the package)
Eligibility All Alinma Bank partners are eligible
Minimum balance As per package terms
Withdrawal policy* Withdrawals can be done at any time as per contract terms.
Rate of return (investor) As per contract terms
Rate of return (broker) As per contract terms

* No fees are charged on withdrawals during the investment period

* The savings account may entail risks related to availability of investment opportunities and seasonal market fluctuations during summer holidays and festivals, both of which may affect account revenues. Therefore, the bank does not guarantee account profitability nor does it protect against losses. However, future opportunities can be estimated based on investment results.

* We hope you know that the return will be automatically increased for those who reach the minimum amount of the highest savings package, as well as the return will be automatically reduced for those who reach the balance of the lowest savings package.



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