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Alinma Diamond

Alinma Diamond

As a distinguished Alinma partner, Alinma Bank is pleased to extend to you its Alinma Diamond level service, which recognizes your need for superior service and professionalism in your banking relationship.  With Alinma Diamond, you are eligible for exclusive benefits tailored to your lifestyle, as well as personalized services and management of your account.  Whether at home, in the office, or on vacation, Alinma Diamond delivers the efficiency and service excellence you have come to expect from Alinma Bank.

Alinma Diamond Features:

  • Highly skilled relationship managers available around-the-clock
  • Branch services delivered through dedicated Khozama halls that are uniquely designed meet your needs
  • Priority Alinma Phone service
  • Fee exemptions for most Alinma services including remittances and check issuances
  • Financing solutions that meet your expectations and support your investment strategies
  • The mada Signature card with Atheer functionality, embedded smart ship security technology, and instant in-branch issuance
  • Visa benefits and services such as access to VIP lounges at most airports worldwide
  • Alinma’s Mazaya rewards program, which includes exclusive offers
  • Special mada card discounts at selected merchants
  • Automated safe deposit boxes, available 24/7, with advanced technology, and the highest levels of security and confidentiality
  • Specially designed checkbooks
  • Cooperative insurance services
  • Preferential currency exchange rates (buy/sell)
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